Balmier [adjective]

Definition of Balmier:

comfortable with respect to weather

Synonyms of Balmier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balmier:

Sentence/Example of Balmier:

On a balmy August morning in Emanuel County in eastern Georgia, hundreds of children bounded off freshly cleaned school buses and out of their parents’ cars.

The entire industry was benefiting from a balmy climate where relatively few car, credit card, or small-business loans were going into default, a benefit that countered the drag of low rates and brought one of the best runs in banking history.

The planet has become a scorched and acidic wasteland today, but researchers suspect it hosted balmy oceans for billions of years in its early history—roughly ten times longer than Mars did.

High carbon dioxide in the atmosphere alone wouldn’t have been enough to keep the region balmy so close to the pole.

The relation existing between the balmy plant and the commerce of the world is of the strongest kind.

It seems hardly possible to draw a more graphic picture of the blessings diffused by the balmy plant, than that just given.

It opened most propitiously and was one of those soft, balmy September days, more like early June than autumn.

And it is not a bitter potion, such as Alfred ordered; no, it is balmy with the scent of wild flowers.

Everything would be favorable; it was balmy and beautiful spring weather now, and Nature was all tailored out in her new clothes.

Long before Assumption Day, the appointed time for setting forth, soon as the balmy spring winds blew, all France was marching.