Balms [noun]

Definition of Balms:

oily substance

Synonyms of Balms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balms:


Sentence/Example of Balms:

Whenever stress strikes, they’ll be ready to gently massage their head, neck, face, shoulders, or anywhere else that could use a cooling balm.

Opportunities to be transported around the world through the pages of a good read have been a balm for adventure seekers.

This consistent practice has offered a balm and a conscious choice to alter my perspective.

Aleta Burchyski, copy editorI love gifting fancy lip balm—it’s something that everyone needs but few will buy for themselves.

The energy capsules include organic beet and maca powder as well as organic matcha tea, while the sleep capsules include organic lemon balm and goji berries—and neither capsule is habit-forming.

Bedside tables offer open storage for the minimal sleeper, while others allow for lots of concealed drawers to place many smaller items such as notebooks, eye shades, remote controls or lip balm.

Every word that now fell from the agitated Empress was balm to the affrighted nerves of her daughter.

This information was balm to Louis, as it seemed to promise a peaceful termination to so threatening an affair.

The effect was that of a bird of Paradise bringing balm to our overwrought nerves.

The little foolish words, so sweetly commonplace, fell like balm upon an open wound.