Balsas [noun]

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He made a landing on a sand-spit that struck off from an outward curve of the bank, and dragged the balsa out of the water.

In a few minutes the balsa lodged against the shore in the still water of a little cove.

At this time also, the master of the small bark came off in a balsa.

The first time was when, during my passage of the lake on a balsa, one of my companions had the misfortune to fall into the water.

On this coast we again meet with wooden canoes, although the balsa, or tule raft, is also in use.

Passing through the gates the bearers placed the balsa on the ground and fell back.

"The balsa will not overset, sailing beneath the moon with that Moon-lady for a pilot," he replied heavily.

Also among the ruins of the balsa we found some of the dried fish that was left to us, and having washed it, filled ourselves.

A canoe formed from the trunk of a large tree, generally cedar or balsa wood.

The people and houses crossed it swimming, and the baggage was carried over in a balsa, a sort of hide-raft.