Balustrades [noun]

Definition of Balustrades:

rail for stairs

Synonyms of Balustrades:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balustrades:


Sentence/Example of Balustrades:

They had been hanging over the low balustrade, engaged in a heart-to-heart talk with two pretty Quartier brunettes.

Narrow winding staircases in the interior lead to the top, upon which a small platform, with a balustrade a foot high, is erected.

Nearer came the feet, and I peered between the interstices of the screening balustrade.

The terrace was walled with creamy stone, and railed about by a heavy balustrade of white magnesian limestone.

The hideous figure of Peter the Hermit re-appeared above the balustrade.

There was a little flight of steps hanging down the side of the steamer, with ropes on each side of it in lieu of a balustrade.

A few minutes later, however, half his body had been forced over the balustrade.

He shook the ladder to see if it was firm, then he put his leg over the balustrade and placed his foot on the first step.

At the base of the roof ran an open balustrade, broken at intervals by the pinnacles which crowned the buttresses.

The balustrade of a balcony in garlands a la Pompadour concealed the roof; only the lead cornices were visible.