Bambini [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bambini:

And besides, this Bambino never had any clothes, and so far as I know never wanted any.

The Sacred Bambino is not your serving Cavalier, that you should wish to cover him with silk and velvet.

In the streets and in the shops hundreds of children gaze longingly and lovingly at the bebe or bambino in Italian.

She goes down on her knees and holds the baby up, and tells me it ain't for her sake she's asking this—it's for the bambino.

Consequently his lordship remained at Calais in the charge of his faithful valet, Bambino.

Jack and Bambino played eucher until midnight, when the Italian threw down the cards.

At these words of Bambino, Jack turned half round sharply, and faced him squarely.

They quitted the saloon and went on deck, which the quick eye of Bambino saw was deserted.

No sooner did the girl see Bambino than she endeavored to rise, but was compelled to fall back again by weakness.

Bambino went repeatedly on deck to look out for a sail, but did not see one.