Bams [verb]

Definition of Bams:

beat, hit

Synonyms of Bams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bams:

Sentence/Example of Bams:

As a diplomatist he could scarcely show more indifference to the Alabama claim, if the claim itself were All a Bam.

When struck at one end, it emits the sound bim; when struck at the other, a clear-toned bam is produced: hence its curious name.

Dose boy sweat lak' horse bam-bye—wake up weak like babee—open hees eye.

But dose medicine ees ver' good—mak' you feel all bully hon top your inside, bam-bye.

There is no dump heap behind the converted paint bam, for the very good reason that practically there is nothing to dump.

Many a remonstrance, too, made Gordon, many an opening fire he stamped out in cot and bam.

This goes on faster and faster and bam, a few milliseconds later you have an atomic bomb.

Bam!And jump in the arms of your own true love,While the wind blows chilly and cold?Bam!

He thought we were Mrs. Bam—Bam—— Laddie, whose little boy and girl did that man think we were?

An' all de time all you could hear wus de guns goin'—bam, bam, bam—it wus terrible to see an' hear.