Bananas [adjective]

Definition of Bananas:


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Sentence/Example of Bananas:

Besides, there is always a bunch of bananas hanging inside the house, and he has sugar-cane in abundance.

Immense plantations of rice, skirted by bananas and other fruit-trees, extend along the banks of the Pearl stream.

One day all the bananas on that table disappeared and my family blamed the servants for eating all the fruit in the house.

(→) a bananas that are thin and lacking in flesh from improper development, and by extension, other fruits and vegetables.

A sleepy, honest little donkey, loaded with baskets of very diminutive bananas, came our way.

We lived to be very thankful for those bananas, as you shall hear later.

The keeper sold reluctantly, for he said we would surely die, if we ate bananas and walked in the sun.

I thought after the bananas youd need a kind of appetiser, so I ordered sardines first, and some other stuff,—and turkey.

Mr. Monkey, with a bunch of bananas slung over his back, came scrambling up to the tree-house.

Starve him into surrender, Mrs. Merrit, and don't leave bananas and seed about for him to peck at when he fancies he's hungry.