Bandaging [noun]

Definition of Bandaging:

covering for wound

Synonyms of Bandaging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandaging:


Sentence/Example of Bandaging:

So we’re now more than a year out from the release of After Hours’ first singles, all the bandages have come off, and he’s just totally botched plastic surgery.

Filled with 69 items, including bandages, dressings, gels, forceps, a thermometer, medication, wound care, and dehydration packets, this tool kit can take care of minor and major injuries or health concerns.

Even as the Tide downshifted in the fourth quarter – by which time Smith wore a heavy bandage on his dislocated finger and a T-shirt on his back, the game in the bag – they rang up 621 yards.

After cleaning up the blood and applying a bandage, he determined she was physically OK.

It has everything you need, including bandages, an emergency blanket, duct tape, and essential medications, all weighing in at less than four ounces.

His left arm, rudely bandaged in a shawl, hung heavy and useless at his side, and the bandage was saturated with blood.

And for those there will be a chair by the fire, and something hot, or perhaps a clean bandage.

"I don't care to retrace all of mine," said Mr. Bradford, whose pale face wore a smile beneath its bandage.

And then he raised his bandage, and finding himself in front of a house, examined it attentively.

And he raised his bandage again, and, approaching the door next to that against which Bussy was standing, began again to examine.