Bandannas [noun]

Definition of Bandannas:

colorful scarf

Synonyms of Bandannas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandannas:


Sentence/Example of Bandannas:

She had a dirty red bandanna tied over her dirty, matted hair and under her grimy double chin.

He carried a stick over his shoulder, and at the end of it swung a small bundle tied up in a red bandanna handkerchief.

Capt. McGillicuddy looked up, recognized the waving of the Deacon's bandanna, and hastened thither.

He put his hand into his pocket for his bandanna and felt the roll of bills, which he had altogether forgotten in his excitement.

She was peeping in at the parlor door now, her head done up deftly in a purple and orange bandanna.

Mr. Bailey produced a voluminous bandanna handkerchief and blew his nose loudly.

He tied a bandanna over the wound while the young man arranged on the bunk cutlases, their spare pistol, and the musket.

I saw him pull out a red bandanna handkerchief and frown as he surveyed the big knot in the end.

Louise pulled her bandanna handkerchief out of her deepest pocket, and Winona produced hers from the bottom of her blouse.

The cook had recourse to a large bandanna handkerchief to mop away his perspiration.