Bandeaux [noun]

Definition of Bandeaux:

something which encircles

Synonyms of Bandeaux:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandeaux:


Sentence/Example of Bandeaux:

I hope that bandeau of silvery locks is not widening too fast on the head I love so well—that the eyes are as bright as ever.

"But I want a pink bandeau, mother," replied Florrie a little pettishly, as she patted her golden-red fringe.

There was a corresponding galaxy of spangles arranged bandeau-fashion in her hair.

Seegooche and Tiawa wear basket caps, but Wacoba has a bandeau of bright beads about her hair.

Across the forehead may be worn a narrow bandeau of pearls or diamonds.

Around the crown ran a band set with eight enormous emeralds, while the bandeau which rested on the brow shone with amethysts.

"I cannot stay always here," returned Gnulemah, shaking her turbaned head, with its gleaming bandeau and rattling pendants.

They become bendellus and bendellum; then bandeau and bande.

Her head is uncovered, and merely encircled with a bandeau of black velvet.

But I wouldn't wear a bandeau on my hair if I were you, Pauline.