Banderillas [noun]

Definition of Banderillas:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Banderillas:


Sentence/Example of Banderillas:

This was doubtless the forerunner of 265 the modern banderilla (barbed dart ornamented with streamers of colored paper).

These touch-and-go experiments form no part of the strict duties of the chulo; his exclusive province is the banderilla.

The jaunty insouciance of the young range-rider irritated him as a banderilla goads a bull in the ring.

And the smile was as a banderilla to her niece's goaded spirit.

Nacional, with the banderilla in his hand, attracted the bull to the centre of the plaza.

Next to them are the banderilleros; and the dart adorned with many colored ribbons is called a banderilla.