Banderoles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Banderoles:

No plume or nobloy fluttered from his plain tilting salade, and even his lance was devoid of the customary banderole.

It was discovered, thanks to the same breeze, that the black banderole of the Gypsies was the last of the seven.

Before his time, the soldiers merely wore a banderole over their steel breast-plates and ordinary dresses.

Usually a flying cherub holds an end of the banderole, and Ferri shows a wingless putto even, flying with no other assistance.

Even a simple banderole or scarf suffices to indicate movement in the air if well arranged.

The banderole was a small flag of yellow silk, with a red moon in the centre, and on the face of the moon a white cross.

Corti made the passage safely, and in the road beyond the moat halted, and drove the staff of his banderole firmly in the ground.

At the top, a pretty banderole, which appears at first sight to form a part of the ensemble of the curves, completes the design.