Bandicoots [noun]

Definition of Bandicoots:

pouched mammal

Synonyms of Bandicoots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandicoots:


Sentence/Example of Bandicoots:

That red-headed bandicoot of a Chub has got into a habit o' playin' football with me an' usin' me fer the ball.

To all the early settlers in the bush the bandicoot is well known.

When assailed it grunts like a pig, hence its Telegu name Pandi-koku, from which the word bandicoot is derived.

I turned toward the hut suspiciously, and saw the bandicoot sitting on a top-rail, watching me, and dangling her feet to and fro.

There was a strange man approaching rapidly, and the bandicoot's courage collapsed.

I soon discovered tracks of the bandicoot, but they had taken the shape of a small human foot.

Conspicuous in it is the loathsome bandicoot (Nesocia bandicota), which sometimes Rat tribe.

Charley got a probably new species of bandicoot, with longer ears than the common one, and with white paws.

We caught a bandicoot with two young ones, which gave us an excellent luncheon.

The result was an iguana, a bandicoot, three opossums, and some "sugar bags" or wild honey nests.