Bandied [verb]

Definition of Bandied:

switch, exchange

Synonyms of Bandied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandied:

Sentence/Example of Bandied:

The gossips at Palermo bandied the tale about, almost before those concerned in it knew it themselves.

In the dark ages of the past, he had been a creature of derision, a thing to be bandied about in trade or gift.

They knew no fine political shades, they bandied no epithets; England was at war and they were going to fight—that was enough.

The shuttlecock of conversation was lightly bandied to and fro across the round table.

But local newspapers, with their omniscient grip on what is in the air, bandied the subject back and forth.

Its professors were bandied about, from one end of France to the other, at the pleasure of the government.

M. de Talleyrand is quite furious because diplomatic communications are being bandied about at the Bourse and the Opera.

Words they bandied, all with rage boiling: "Already had we resolved to take your lives away."

In the same hall they sat, exchanged hostile thoughts, bandied words of hate: each was ill at ease.

The slang of party warfare was bandied in the usual fashion, without thought or a care beyond the interest of party.