Bandies [noun]

Definition of Bandies:

verbal exchange

Synonyms of Bandies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandies:


Sentence/Example of Bandies:

You bandy contradictory allegations; you no longer believe each other; you must appeal to a third party.

Anyway he stuck his head up and tried to catch a light without stopping his bandy.

The epithets are carefully arranged up a scale until they reach bandy-legged—an utterly unpardonable insult.

I flung Bandy Jim a piece of gold and told him I would see him again.

Bandy Jim did not wait for the eager question on the tip of my tongue.

"But I did not come here to bandy words," continued poor Jack, lifting his bowed head dejectedly.

They all have the bandy leg, but the Dutch foot is sometimes used instead of the ball-and-claw.

Close behind him came another: a bandy-legged, squat fellow like a little black spider, in attendance.

He was broadly built, with long apish arms and a mighty chest, but with lean loins and thin bandy legs.

He would not bandy words with his father, but still less would his proud spirit brook such sharp reproof even from a parent.