Banditries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Banditries:

At first, the inhabitants lived by a species of banditry, robbing the whites whenever they could.

This was not the West as I had dreamed of it, not the West even of banditry and violent action.

I shall go mad Shut in this gilded den,—this stifling hold Of banditry.

He recalled the days of banditry, and the strange visitors, who had brought with them disturbing knowledge, and strange powers.

The political banditry, through which they dominate and terrify France, has already taken care of that.

When De Boer was banished with some of his most loyal followers, he began a career of petty banditry in the Lowland's depths.

In the other category, crimes of organized banditry, coldblooded shooting, lynching and kidnapping have threatened our security.

There were arrests, incidents of banditry and pillage, and many futile Turkish efforts to restore order.