Bandits [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bandits:

The bandits, running from the bank to their waiting car, tripped headlong over the rope.

Phyllis reached over, picked up the gun, and leveled it calmly at the bandits.

Unnoticed, the car that had been meant for the bandits means of escape, sprang away from the curb and was gone in a cloud of dust.

He knew how to make use of the species of bandits who composed his regiment.

It was not until after the train was switched and gone that we discovered that two of the bandits had been left behind.

Well, he had his way, his bandits saw to that; so the Anziani agreed and swore obedience.

So, when those citizens had returned disappointed, for they found Agnello abed, he arose and joined his bandits.

Fortunately for us the bandits had selected their point of attack without military foresight.

Kings before now have become servitors, honest men bandits, thieves communists.

Orso and his sister took their way back to Cardo, and the bandits departed up the mountain.