Banditti [noun]

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If there’s a theme to Navalny’s oeuvre, it is that Russia’s modern kleptocracy is the offspring of an unholy matrimony between former mid-level KGB officers and a post-Soviet nomenklatura of bandits in business suits.

Some of those improvements were driven by Bloomberg Media’s use of ABBA, as well as a multi-armed bandit method, which optimizes between multiple choices in real time, to optimize campaigns in shorter timeframes.

He lived for some time as a bandit, robbing the subjects of the King of Gath, who had given him shelter.

Five years of warfare and its sequence—the bandit community—had devastated the provinces.

They had no doubts that if the bandit was still in the cave, the three men would find him and bring him back to face justice.

She had come to the part in their escape when she stopped and fired at the bandit when Janet voiced her opinion.

Clovis made himself master of the city through the treason of Saint Remy, who baptized that crowned bandit at Rheims.

And The Man—the bandit—a fair-haired canary, an inch shorter than she is!

Did that bandit intend to rob her of both her husband and her children?

A king could command—a prince might request—a bandit generally seizes!