Bandwidths [noun]

Definition of Bandwidths:

frequency range

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Sentence/Example of Bandwidths:

Google Chrome this week began rolling out a new feature designed to block ads that use an “egregious” amount of network bandwidth or battery power — an update that has caught some publishers on the back foot.

Since then, states have vastly increased their bandwidth to perform tests, but even now, experts from the Harvard Global Health Institute say daily testing needs to nearly double to help mitigate the pandemic.

Human marketers simply don’t have the bandwidth to collect and analyze the massive amount of consumer data being generated across hundreds of touchpoints.

The pandemic, for instance, could easily take up all the district’s bandwidth.

Even most high-end VR experiences require 3D models to be optimized, which reduces the number of polygons so that more bandwidth is available for interactivity and other models to load at the same time.

"Intelligent data" dissemination and wide bandwidth communications are examples of essential technologies emerging in this area.

Many-to-many communication is not just a matter of bandwidth on digital networks, but of self-definition, also.

In the meanwhile, entertainment took over almost all available bandwidth.