Bandying [verb]

Definition of Bandying:

switch, exchange

Synonyms of Bandying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandying:

Sentence/Example of Bandying:

Then there will be no more quarrelling, no more bandying of disrespectful epithets, no more heart burnings.

I am not bandying compliments now, but thinking of better things than praises or phrases.

It is a clear injustice to confound such talk as this with a mere bandying of Joe-Millers.

There would be no bandying words between them, no involved explanations, no possibility of any further misunderstanding.

We females were busy at the needle, while my brother and Pleyel were bandying quotations and syllogisms.

Literary men have frequently ventured into this bandying about of strange talk.

And he turned bandying words with his dark-browed mate, who was still poking the meat at the embers and crouching on the hearth.

They were still bandying congratulations and thanks, when the smoking-room was invaded by Deganway and a girl.

But how can you stand bandying compliments with a man when it is your object to make him know the very truth that is in you?

But Severance would never forgive her for bandying words with the bounder.