Bang [adverb]

Definition of Bang:

suddenly, with force

Synonyms of Bang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bang:


Sentence/Example of Bang:

Without fans, referees could more clearly hear the contact they would otherwise miss on bang-bang plays, not to mention the complaints from players and coaches.

E-commerce may have plunged into a coma of sorts when India’s coronavirus lockdown started at the end of March, but five months later it’s back with a bang.

The collaboration has not worked out every detail of a cyclic cosmos with no bang and no crunch, much less shown that we live in one.

They, like other banged-up teams, also had the time they needed for injuries to heal.

The hope was to lock in some of the deep carbon emission reductions brought on by the global slowdown—with the added benefit that green government spending can get more bang for the buck than traditional stimulus measures.

Bang went the fragile bulb, as it splintered into a thousand atoms, and the mercury shot in sparkling globules over the table.

Garnache closed the door upon him with a bang, and smiled quietly as he turned to Valerie.

Miss Boutts replied that they were too busy in the daytime, but were asked once a week to a "bang-up" affair.

Immediately the door was opened just enough to let the two men glide in; then it was shut with a bang and bolted.

She closed the stove door with a bang, and approaching, assisted in removing Edna's dripping mackintosh.