Bangers [noun]

Definition of Bangers:

encased minced meat

Synonyms of Bangers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bangers:


Sentence/Example of Bangers:

A hard master—a driver—and quick with his feet and hands—a regular sailor banger!

Captain Banger had risen—being, in fact, pulled up by a friend on either side, and poked up by a friend behind.

Do not for a moment suppose, General Mitchener, that Mrs. Banger represents my views on the suffrage question.

Mrs. Banger is a masculine woman of forty, with a powerful voice and great physical strength.

He has softened Mrs. Banger by a proposal of marriage in which he appears to be perfectly in earnest.

The Orderly forlornly contemplates the iron front presented by Mrs. Banger.

The horrors of martial law administered by Mrs. Banger are too terrible to be faced.

In the mean time, Hopeful hammers away lustily, merrily whistling, and singing the praises of the 'Banger.'

Probolinggo (called by the natives Banger) is a place of 13,240 inhabitants.

Theres no use in my tackling Mrs. Banger: she would only sit on my head too.