Bangles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bangles:

From a half dollar they will hammer out or mold a bangle and cover it with chasing very deftly cut.

The men stood terrified and fascinated; and Bangle, gazing, bade 'God bless 'em.'

Yes—I have actually a bangle rivetted on—with a date inside—the date I was insane enough to agree——Isn't it dreadful?

For this Jeweler must have kept my bangle and brought this one in its place.

So the Rajah had to wait till the bangle-seller was ready to go.

It was told me after I had restored the bangle you so nearly lost.

When the gas was turned up it was discovered that one of the unbelievers actually had a large bangle on his wrist.

At last, in evil moment, the most angelic, sylph-like form came all too near our friend who wore the bangle.

When Polya handed her anything or even passed by her, jingling her bangle and rustling her skirts, she shuddered.

Although dressed so plainly, he looked like a Prince, and the bangle he had to sell flashed in the morning light like seven suns.