Banishes [verb]

Definition of Banishes:

expel from place or situation

Synonyms of Banishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Banishes:

Sentence/Example of Banishes:

Austerity banishes familiarity from family life and engenders constraint.

In a word, devotion is only calculated to fill the heart with a bitter rancor, that banishes peace and harmony from society.

In the result he banishes Curithir, who thenceforward renounces love and becomes a pilgrim.

He arrests, punishes and banishes, where there is trace of cooperation or connection with Deserter Fritz and his schemes.

Praying banishes all selfish thoughts from mind, and gives the voice of conscience a chance to be heard.

It is sin which banishes every hope and excludes every ray of comfort from the realms of infernal despair.

The spirit of play infused into the simplest and most repetitious of household tasks banishes drudgery.

I cannot remain here any longer; my presence banishes Mr Arnold from his home.

He then declares that the disease is caused by a mere screech owl, which he at once banishes to the laurel thicket.

She drugged the wine with an herb that banishes all care, sorrow, and ill humour.