Banisters [noun]

Definition of Banisters:

railing of stairs

Synonyms of Banisters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Banisters:


Sentence/Example of Banisters:

Fearing to lose his way, he bawls over the banister, and through the corridors, “Is any one there?”

The hall was as black as a dungeon, but by groping around she found the banister rail, and so made her way upstairs.

Nicole turned to see her father climbing up the stairs, pulling himself along on the banister and leaning on his walking stick.

With a startled cry he lunged forward, clutching at the banister to steady his blundering descent.

Convulsively grasping the banister with both hands, his broad shoulders formed a mighty buttress against the pressing flood.

She opened the door, followed him to the stairs, and leaned over the banister to watch his descent.

Ruth was leaning over the banister at the time and saw all that passed.

He rose to his feet and made for the stairs, and held on to the banister.

He came after her up the narrow seed-strewn stair, that had no banister.

Grasping the banister with one hand, I went downstairs backwards, step by step, and so regained the sanctuary of my own room.