Bankers [noun]

Definition of Bankers:

professional in financial institution

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Sentence/Example of Bankers:

But before he could even sow that year's crop, he would have to see a certain banker who lived in Nebraska.

Three more coups are played, each of which the banker, that is to say Haggard, wins.

The seizure was made in legal form; the banker, who lost nothing, was bound to comply with it.

Daughter of the banker Adolphus of Manheim, greatly spoiled by her parents.

So they have a new entrance—very handsome conservatory—flowers—the banker does things in style.

Sanders, said the banker, I want your advice on a matter of great importance and concern to me.

Cadenet, who was proprietor of the house, had something to do with the transactions of Cerizet, the "banker of the poor."

He was at once banker and confidant of most of the Indians who were getting ahead in agriculture and stock-raising.

"Let me be your banker, dear Miss Warrender," whispered the aged Mephistopheles who stood behind her chair.

The banker gave up his tragic manner, and resumed his customary cool, hard, matter-of-fact voice.