Banknotes [noun]

Definition of Banknotes:

currency accepted as exchange for goods, services

Synonyms of Banknotes:

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Sentence/Example of Banknotes:

Lockley put a banknote on the kitchen table, with a weight on it to keep it from blowing away.

Mrs. Trevel grasped the banknote, with a vivid spot of colour on each faded cheek, and could scarcely speak in her excitement.

In the meantime Dave scanned the bill that had been presented for the meal, then laid a banknote on the bill.

"Suppose you accept this dollar for it," and he passed over a banknote, which the stable man took with thanks.

He picked up the five-guinea banknote, whilst she read, with surprise, 'Susan's Lamentation for her Lamb.'

Sharon had ascertained his address, and had written to him at Brussels, inclosing the number of the lost banknote.

Who ever heard of such a thing as a banknote being printed wrong unless it was a counterfeit?

In a week Brit wrote a brief, matter-of-fact letter to Minnie and enclosed a much-worn ten-dollar banknote.

He seemed to be thinking of something that pleased him as he fumbled for his pocket-book and took a clean banknote out of it.

He crumpled the banknote in his pocket, and found any quantity of plausible excuses for appropriating it.