Bankrupted [verb]

Definition of Bankrupted:

make less; decrease

Synonyms of Bankrupted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bankrupted:

Sentence/Example of Bankrupted:

Not a night but some brown maiden Bettered all the dusk she strayed in, While the roses in her hair Bankrupted oblivion there.

Do you think He bankrupted Himself giving you and me the little sense, the little power thats in us?

The war, liberation of slaves, the sudden extinguishment of millions of property, bankrupted the South.

The panic destroyed the railways and bankrupted the inhabitants.

Altogether he had spent five million dollars on the undertaking and had nearly bankrupted the empire.

You saw what I did there; those ram-headed sphinxes nearly bankrupted me.

The German Empire has bankrupted herself in men, necessaries of life, and money.

The tolls would have bankrupted the commonwealth if Ardmore had not cared for them out of his private purse.

She hurled fleet after fleet against the coast of China, and nearly bankrupted herself by the effort.

The moment you wake to realize that your emotions have been deceived and bankrupted, your faith will collapse.