Bankrupts [noun]

Definition of Bankrupts:

person who is poor

Synonyms of Bankrupts:

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Sentence/Example of Bankrupts:

With submission, I question not but it would prevent a great number of bankrupts, which now fall by divers causes.

"Such dealing makes fewest bankrupts," said Heffernan, coolly.

The result is that a certain percentage of bankrupts do regularly set fire to their stores.

But it became apparent that the new country did not appeal simply to broken-down farmers, bankrupts, and ne'er-do-wells.

Americans, especially, overcheck their deposits of vitality, and as bankrupts they struggle to transact daily duties.

Most bankrupts are pig-headed fellows, and achieve bankruptcy in their own foolish amateur way.

Intending bankrupts generally wear very good clothes; especially are they particular about the shine of their silk hat.

The two next lessees, Messrs. Bunn and Hammond, became bankrupts.

So that little in the way of entertaining is to be expected from the bankrupts.

Nothing is so likely to pay off the National Debt as to cause publicans and brewers to enlarge the list of bankrupts.