Bannerets [noun]

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It consisted of four knights-banneret, fourteen knights-bachelor, and three hundred and sixty-three men-at-arms.

It was probably owing to his great wealth that his son was made a knight-banneret, and his grandson became Earl of Suffolk.

When a banneret was created, the general cut off this pendant to render the banner square.

The number of men at arms, whom a banneret ought to command, was properly fifty.

The peak of this awful spur was just touched by a fleecy cloud that shifted to and fro like a banneret.

And ever on the flanks of the hurrying column flew, like a flag or banneret, Tad's little gray riding-cloak.

He went into battle with a banneret full of texts, stuck in his back and flying behind him.

A soldier must have passed through the ranks of esquire and knight, before he could be classed with the knights-banneret.

The wife of a banneret was styled une dame bannerette, and the general title of his family was a hostel bannière.

Ceremonies on his becoming a knight-banneret, ib.His remarkable generousness, 52.