Banquets [noun]

Definition of Banquets:

formal dinner, usually ceremonial

Synonyms of Banquets:

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Sentence/Example of Banquets:

Banquets and feasting offered little attraction to the hero, and he despised riches and rank.

When that did not avail, its use was limited to feasts, banquets and sacrifices, and to guests and infirm old age.

At feasts and banquets he only touched it with his lips, and so might well boast of not drinking any at all.

These dinners, formal as they were, are to be distinguished carefully from the extravagant banquets of the ostentatious rich.

As a rule, one or two studies would club together to brew, instead of preparing solitary banquets.

The lights that never shone glance at evening in the vaulted halls, upon banquets that were never spread.

A series of banquets brought the plans before the public, seemingly with good results.

There was no warmth for her in all the vintages of the south, no comfort though gods should bring to her their banquets.

Banquets are not rare, nor choice guests, nor gracious hosts; but when do we ever see a person enjoy anything?

Myra observed that he was never asked to meet the grand personages who attended the celebrated banquets of Mr. Neuchatel.