Banshees [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Banshees:

It is probably sometimes the one and sometimes the other; and its origin is very possibly like that of the Banshee.

By that time they were down in the servant's pantry where Polly was moaning and groaning and wailing like a banshee.

I left the road, circled the house with the turbine screaming like a banshee and the car taking the corners on the outside wheels.

The car shuddered, howled like a wounded banshee, and then leaped forward with a roar.

"Good old Dog; he's treed the Banshee," and Yan rushed out into the darkness.

He knew now why she did it—it was to keep herself from wailing like a banshee!

The banshee may, indeed, partake to some extent of a ghostly character.

Here I have been, melancholy as a roofless banshee, for two whole days.

Blaring metallic clangor, and the uncanny banshee wailing of the hunting sirens.

"I tell you it's a banshee," cried Larry, his shock of red hair fairly standing on end.