Bantams [noun]

Definition of Bantams:

small person

Synonyms of Bantams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bantams:


Sentence/Example of Bantams:

I have a printing-press, a collection of birds' eggs, and some white bantams and some rabbits.

No self-respectin' gent would bring up 'is bantams in that line nowadays.

When autumn comes, if I feel desperately in want of bantams, I may purchase your brood myself,—but I will not promise about it.

In their native country the Japanese Bantams are not separated into distinct color varieties.

Most pheasant fanciers use large bantams or small common hens to hatch and rear the young pheasants.

I bought some fine bantams at Yokohama, and a whole cage full of rice-birds.

There are beautiful bantams to be seen in some of the shops here; but they cannot be bought, as they are private pets.

Then again there are rabbits in the stable and very tame pigeons and the tiniest of bantams.

There are plenty of hens on the farm, and one spring a couple of bantams were added to the stock.

"It's just one of them mischievous bantams, ma'am," said the cook, a countrywoman who had made a study of cocks and hens.