Banters [noun]

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Powers’s script lends a fly-on-the-wall appeal to the fictionalized banter among Cooke, Clay, Brown and X, as their larger-than-life personas fuel a crackling dialogue on faith and philosophy.

The banter is sharp as a knife, Stars Hollow exudes warmth, and everything is gently touched with just the right amount of melancholy.

This unreasoning, feminine obstinacy so wrought upon him that he permitted himself a smile and a lapse into irony and banter.

This brings to my Memory (what I cannot help smiling at) the bountiful Banter, you at this time endeavoured to put upon me.

"You might spare me that 'alias, the Eye' business," Black Hood said, some of his old-time banter returning.

A joke, a banter, a bon-mot, make more impression upon the man of the world than all the grave notions of his religion.

You love to banter; you love to give me that surname of 'Rich,' to me, now no less poor than Job.

As Bassett passed through the library to his own room he paused to indulge in a moment's banter with Miss Farrell.

I looked for some banter from Courtney, but there was none; only a bit of a smile under the grey moustache.

If it be mere banter, I can endure it within proper limit; although it is uncivil on the part of a stranger.