Bantlings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bantlings:

A long time, however, must have elapsed before the bantling took heart of grace and found strength to run alone.

He advertised my bantling gratuitously in his own journal, and gave it every possible facility.

It is fortunate for you, sir, that the Duchess Joan wears her hair short, like a Northman or a bantling troubadour.

He had got something from Don Jaime's books, this mountaineer's bantling!

She had spent more than an hour the evening before writing a story, and was rather proud of her first-born literary bantling.

There was a pucker between Dorothy's dark eyebrows as she snatched back her literary bantling.

Its editors were constantly in trouble; the statesmen who supported it had to defend their bantling with their swords.

Promising the sick woman to come back to her, she lifted the dark bantling again, and set off towards the slope.

For there it was, its roots stuck securely into a big pot, looking like some forlorn forest bantling among the garden plants.

However it is still a bantling of modern chemistry, who has nodded very affectionately on it.