Baptisms [noun]

Definition of Baptisms:

church rite; initiation

Synonyms of Baptisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baptisms:


Sentence/Example of Baptisms:

They accepted baptism as a sort of sacred pledge of friendship and alliance with the French.

There was a private baptism in his library one Sunday afternoon, and she was christened Amy Eudora.

Private baptism at his birth was first administered, fearing his immediate death.

The priest may be obliged to administer baptism, to hear confession, to give the Viaticum and Extreme Unction.

So the Earl being thus beset chose to accept baptism, and was baptized there and then with all his men.

Wheresoever he landed, summoned he a Thing, & at it offered the people baptism in the true Faith.

To all those who asked it and were willing to accept baptism gave King Olaf quarter.

Then the King answered: Thou wilt accept baptism as I trow and thereafter be my man?

Hundreds of both sexes were thrown into the Loire, and this was called republican marriage and republican baptism.

The anabaptists pretend that children, not as yet having reason, ought not to receive baptism.