Baptized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Baptized:

He was converted and baptized, and was the first Hebrew instructor at Harvard college.

He gives a list of the sponsors of the baptized Indians, who included many of the French nobility and clergy.

And under these conditions we have already, thank God, baptized four of them.

Thereafter was Harald himself baptized with the whole of the Danish host that were with him.

And the hermit saith that the God of the men that were baptized Himself causeth him to know all that He wisheth.

Folk made they submissive readily enough, and many country folk were thereon baptized.

So the Earl being thus beset chose to accept baptism, and was baptized there and then with all his men.

King Olaf visited Tiotta and was the guest of Harek, who was baptized at that hour together with all the folk that were about him.

So be it, said the King, & so Hallfrod was baptized and the King held him himself at the font.

On the morrow was Kiartan baptized, and with him Bolli 94 Thorleikson his kinsman, and all their fellows.