Baptizing [verb]

Definition of Baptizing:

initiate in church rite

Synonyms of Baptizing:

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Sentence/Example of Baptizing:

This was why we resolved, at the time of our arrival, not to baptize any adults unless they were previously well catechized.

Father Biard went to the afflicted parent of the boy, and asked whether he might, with his consent, baptize the dying child.

"I baptize thee," broke the silence, time after time, amid the tiny splashes of falling water.

A well-known politician, who died only recently, was born in the village, and the old rector was called on to baptize him.

But it was not thought safe to baptize him in Galicia, so he was sent to Bellson, in Berlin, who baptized him in 1846.

Let me but baptize thee with the water thou wouldst have drunk, and all will yet be well.

Now count upon your fingers as I baptize her, and when she has been buried under the water eight times please tell me.

Elder Farrell explained that Mr. Clark had not only given his consent, but had prepared a place in which to baptize them.

I often hear this alleged, Mr. K., and we are called Romish and Popish because we baptize infants.

They baptize for the remission of sins, and the living, acting as proxies, are baptized for the dead.