Barb [noun]

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A wind barb contains half lines, full lines, and flags to denote wind speeds.

Wind barbs Wind barbs are the most visible portion of a station plot.

A patch with smaller barbs punctured the slim stem of a tomato plant.

On exposure to ultraviolet light, the barbs curved downward.

To make the microneedle’s barbs, the researchers took advantage of a curious effect of this type of 3-D printing.

Accordingly he carries to court a beautiful barb, and requests his majesty's acceptance of it.

Some had one good edge, or a point or barb, while the other parts of the same stones showed only the natural form and fracture.

This time he had received a genuine wound, with poison upon the barb of the arrow that had pierced him.

He held in his hand a curious wooden spear with a loose barb tipped with the tusk of a walrus.

In form it belongs to Class A of stemmed implements, is lozenge-shaped, without shoulder or barb.