Barbarians [adjective]

Definition of Barbarians:

crude, savage

Synonyms of Barbarians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barbarians:

Sentence/Example of Barbarians:

Christendom looked astounded upon the spectacle of a barbarian invasion bursting forth from the cellars and garrets of Paris.

The words, taken in a new acceptation, reveal the charming maladroitness of a northern barbarian kneeling before a Roman beauty.

But in each case the barbarian was not very far below the surface—any more than he is in an Englishman sometimes.

He turned angrily on the "barbarian" schools, that would sweep away the past, and create Humanity anew on some arbitrary plan.

Philip has been deemed a mere barbarian, whose victory was certain to be, and was, the death of Grecian liberty.

It was our strength against theirs—no, it was white man's spirit against barbarian brutality.

Then permit no "barbarian memory of wrong" to lodge in our breasts while we keep vigils over these graves of our illustrious dead.

Livorno, in the barbarian dialect of the Genovesi, Ligorno; and hence our word Leghorn.

Who knows what Italy, under the heel of the barbarian, does not owe to these faded pages, and through Italy the world?

In special to a Chinyman, who is of no account to social welfare, being a barbarian as I look at it.