Barbarically [adverb]

Definition of Barbarically:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Barbarically:

Sentence/Example of Barbarically:

With cool assurance he made his offer to the stately plumed, suspicious grandees of the barbarically magnificent court.

The Sikhs who succeeded the Afghans were not so barbarically cruel, but they were hard and rough masters.

These should be barbarically glowing, since it is partly in their wild flare of color that the beauty of the Blanket Dance lies.

For the nomad of the fire-wheel was a girl, tall and slender, barbarically arrayed in the holiday garb of a Seminole chief.

The outer walls are barbarically huge and heavy, and superb in color.

The rhythms are joyously, barbarically, at times almost frenetically, free.

As it is at present, the jaw-hinge is a mere ordinary pair of sharp pincers barbarically ornamented with feathers and colours.

I think I had never seen a figure more barbarically lovely than that of this soulless Egyptian so adorned.

People are still barbarically hypnotised by the thing itself, to such an extent that they forget the individual.

She was dreaming that Anna Zanidov stood before her in the barbarically painted evening gown.