Barbarisms [noun]

Definition of Barbarisms:

crudity, savagery, especially in speech

Synonyms of Barbarisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barbarisms:

Sentence/Example of Barbarisms:

A barber having a dispute with a parish clerk on a point of grammar, the latter said it was a downright barbarism, indeed.

This monstrous medley gave birth to the macaroni style, the very climax of barbarism.

Tis funny to be thus of two civilisations—or, if you like, of one civilisation and one barbarism.

Perhaps the influence of the Berber blood in the population helps to prolong this barbarism.

Every nation, even those which are but just emerging from barbarism, has its domestic animals.

The vitality of the Jewish ritual, when the nation had emerged from barbarism, was in its connections with a magnificent psalmody.

It was a union of barbarism and of goldsmith's work, with the imposing and rugged architecture of the elements.

At one period of my life I entertained the idea that civilization never had grown, nor ever could grow, out of barbarism.

The inhabitants are in a state of entire barbarism and ignorance.

In the midst of the progressing civilization we find occasional traces of barbarism.