Barbarously [adverb]

Definition of Barbarously:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Barbarously:

Sentence/Example of Barbarously:

Your love, your fears for Olivia would barbarously banish her and forbid her your dear, your dangerous atmosphere.

Another of the wretched Swazis was set upon and barbarously slaughtered, and then Gerard could stand it no longer.

Our English friends made music barbarously enough all morning; and in the evening three letters came.

Thee will Atli barbarously treat; in the narrow serpent-den wilt thou be cast.

It was not till this moment that Clym recollected her to be the person who had behaved so barbarously to Eustacia.

The industry shown here is indubitable, but the designs are barbarously bad and funny.

Kansas fought barbarously for the dishonourable privilege, and with temporary success: Nebraska has declined the honour as yet.

I barbarously hope it is frizzing behind that great black coal in the grate.

We then askt him if it was his Comp'y that had used the English so barbarously when taken att the Fort.

He was a fair specimen of the gentle and harmless people whom the Spaniards were treating so barbarously.