Barbecued [noun]

Definition of Barbecued:

meal cooked on grill

Synonyms of Barbecued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barbecued:


Sentence/Example of Barbecued:

My preferred brand, David, comes coated in dill pickle, ranch, and barbecue powder, but in my opinion, sunflower seeds shouldn’t be any particular flavor.

Usually, most of the big summer blockbusters have already come out, people are squeezing in their last beach trips and barbecues, and movie theaters are looking ahead to the hefty fall season.

I wouldn’t want to cook a complex meal on it, but it’s perfect for burgers, hot dogs, and other basic barbecue foods.

The rally included a community cleanup, food drive, music, barbecue, a bouncy house, healing circle and voter registration booth, reports Kenosha News.

That means no backyard barbecues or parties on Fourth of July.

James Murray, mayor of Alexandria, La., was killed while attempting to suppress a disturbance at a barbecue.

Now he plans to hold a big barbecue en send out invitations.

Later the Cherokee Indians changed the council fire into a barbecue, where they roasted whole beefs in pits of glowing coals.

A fire of hard-wood had been burning in it for hours, the preliminary to a gigantic barbecue of fat oxen.

They were having a barbecue; that is, they were roasting oxen whole on great spits; and a horse race was to be run.