Barbels [noun]

Definition of Barbels:

anything that investigates by touch

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Sentence/Example of Barbels:

In the former are several varieties, and some of enormous size, resembling the barbel.

Barbel, roach, club, and gudgeon are plentiful round the Bell Weir; and trout are often taken.

Head, about one-fifth the whole length; snout, very blunt, with a small barbel on the lower lip.

Each maxillary is provided with a small barbel; and the gill-covers are armed with short stiff spines.

Though called the salmon of India, the mahseer is really a species of barbel.

Rhinichthys has barbels, Gila lacks them, and the hybrid has one vestigial barbel, on the right side.

Lard the upper part of your turbot or barbel with fine bacon.

The large barbel, found in many of the large rivers and lakes abroad, yield at times a very considerable quantity of roe or spawn.

Why the barbel should choose that particular ground to try conclusions I am not aware.

A singular occupation this, however, which forces you to struggle craftily with a barbel.