Barbered [verb]

Definition of Barbered:

cut outer covering off

Synonyms of Barbered:

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Sentence/Example of Barbered:

Hunt's wild hair had been smartly barbered, he had on a swagger dust-coat, and beneath it flannels of the smartest cut.

Sowles looked fully capable of loosing a full-fledged Inquisition, complete with rack and thumbscrew, at Cam's well-barbered head.

"We take care of ourselves here," he explained, as the newly barbered youth washed some glasses.

Yet, might it not merely denote that Potts wished to enter upon his new life well barbered?

He walked in one evening at dusk, but at first sight I didn't know him he was so spruced and barbered up.

He was barbered and wore a suit which showed his splendid length and strength of limb.

Billy will probably be shaved by this time,—I mean barbered.

Well barbered and tailored he would have presented a handsome appearance.

He moved off with a disgusted shake of his carefully barbered head.

He came back barbered in the latest style, and carrying a big bundle.