Barbering [verb]

Definition of Barbering:

cut outer covering off

Synonyms of Barbering:

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Sentence/Example of Barbering:

At length the barbering performance was over, and poor Dicky thought that he had got through the whole passage of the equinox.

It seems his majesty had hit up the lottery a short time previous for a few hundred and had given up barbering.

Squaws were made to serve braves, and they were both commanded to take charge of his long, bushy, and decidedly tangled barbering.

After Mass a good many of them got their hair cut; one or two men can do barbering-work.

At that time wigs were worn, and wig-making formed an important branch of the barbering business.

To him we are indebted for our knowledge of the secrets of floral barbering.

If you only saw me at my trade, a barbering, youd see what a mistake you were making.

Other early enterprises, growing naturally out of a history of personal service, were barbering and tailoring.

It is rough barbering, but it helps the driver-tires grit a bit into the face of the rail, and in that way hang on.

A little later Jock-at-a-Venture abandoned barbering and took up music, for which he had always shown a mighty gift.