Barbers [noun]

Definition of Barbers:

hair cutter

Synonyms of Barbers:

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Sentence/Example of Barbers:

For about thirty feet from the ground this was painted in coloured stripes very much like a barber's pole.

A barber having a dispute with a parish clerk on a point of grammar, the latter said it was a downright barbarism, indeed.

Even the cribbage game under the barber shop was suspended, and the cribbage game was an institution.

They both found me under the barber's hand; but I had a bottle of good sack in the house, and so made them very welcome.

At night before I went to bed the barber came to trim me and wash me, and so to bed, in order to my being clean to-morrow.

The barber having done with me, I went to church, and there heard a good sermon of Mr. Mills, fit for the day.

Thence to several places about business, among others to my brother's, and there Tom Beneere the barber trimmed me.

I was positive that I had visited the barber that very day and passed my hand across my chin to verify this.

Then, unconsciously plagiarising Parpon: "Prince or barber—a toss-up!"

As Madame Chalice had said, either as prince or barber, he was playing a terrible game.