Bared [verb]

Definition of Bared:


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Sentence/Example of Bared:

There are bare shelves, shuttered theaters, darkened screens, shadowy hallways, and empty chairs in want of lethargic tourists and overeager tour guides.

Bring the glaze to a bare simmer, then remove from the heat.

What’s left is bare soil whose structure and mineral content has changed, notes Sam Chan.

As the brilliant bare skin on males grows more subdued and their snoods are no longer swollen, they settle into fairly large flocks for the winter.

Somehow Honnold managed to stop her fall by grabbing onto the whizzing rope with his bare hands.

Project Zero leader Ben Hawkes provided his own bare-bones disclosure here.

It follows, Fleming said, that marketing around virtual events like BDG’s activation will be a necessary cost to bare as well.

Placing them on the napkin prevented the fork and knife from touching the bare table.

Stern had also been jailed for a month in Tunisia for protesting bare-breasted there.

Five days after meeting some Femen activists, she was in the street with them, baring her slogan-covered breasts.