Barefooted [adjective]

Definition of Barefooted:

without shoes

Synonyms of Barefooted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barefooted:


Sentence/Example of Barefooted:

Rare and beautiful birds came and watched the barefooted children as they scurried around, building their wall of masonry.

Our clothes were poor and I worked barefooted most of the time, winter and summer.

Both were barefooted, and I was close enough to read the expression of constant fear on each face.

I went barefooted an' bareheaded ter de train, an' I gits on.

I even felt a little bit of contempt for those brave women who went barefooted.

I went barefooted mos' o' the time, an' in summer I went in my shirt tail.

All slave chillun I knows anything 'bout wore homemade clothes an' went barefooted most of the time an' bareheaded too.

The great cathedral of Chartres was hung with white, and the king was standing barefooted in the nave.

Instead, we were instantly surrounded by several hundred ragged, barefooted, frowzy-headed men shouting "Fresh fish!"

Some of the young men was barefooted, and some of the children didn't have on any clothes but just a tow-linen shirt.